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On the other side of the stage, Genta Bhuana Sari presented classical instrumental pieces of Gong Kebyar and few dances in Kebyar style. As the opening, they performed Kebyar Susun, composed by I Wayan Gandra in 1964.

Mengenang Sang Guru
Genta Bhuana Sari – Musicians

Since the 1960’s, I Wayan Gandra had composed many kebyar pieces, and he was known as a talented young composer. Even now some of his works are still famous and often performed by Genta Bhuana Sari: Sekar Jepun (1968), Fajar Menyingsing (1966), Penarik Becak (1966), Gambang Suling (1962), Sekar Jaya (1967), Ujan Mas (1957), and Brata Yuda (1963). Genta Bhuana Sari learned these compositions directly from I Wayan Gandera, in their effort to preserve the classical kebyar style.

In that evening Genta Bhuana Sari group also performed the kebyar dance, Teruna Jaya, and Sabungan Ayam dance, a cockfighting dance.

Mengenang Sang Guru
Genta Bhuana Sari – Sabungan Ayam: Oka Dalem & Made Putra Wijaya

As described in John Coast’s book Dancing out of Bali, in 1951 this Sabungan Ayam dance was performed by Mario and I Wayan Sampih at Puri Kaleran, along with the first staging of Oleg Tamulilingan by Gusti Ayu Raka and Sampih, at a dinner show of 120 delegates of the United Nations held in the Peliatan Palace.

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