about kadek ferry and mayumi


' f ' is ' kadek ferry ', a Balinese gamelan musician,

a member of gamelan group Genta Bhuana Sari, Tirta Sari, Dewi Sri, and social community group in Peliatan, Ubud. f performs gamelan four times a week, and he runs f studio : Bali Art Project Consultant, Graphic Design, and Photography.

In some occasions as an Entertainment Event Organizer.

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'm' is 'mayumi inouye' , f 's wife & dancer of Balinese Dance. Before married, once a week in two years dancing the Oleg Tamulilingan (Bumblebee Dance), in Ubud.

f wondered if m could be f 's wife, so beautiful and feminine. But actually m likes to dance the "bebancihan dances" (can be danced by male or female), which actually more like as a male dance, strength and dynamic...f had been cheated...

Besides as a dancer, m is also a gamelan musician.

Now she joins woman gamelan group, a social community group at a Banjar in Peliatan village, Ubud.

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