Kereb is common known as a white cloth with a specific spooky painting (the Celuluk painting) use in Calonarang dance performance. In the Calonarang performance, the Sisia Jegeg dancers use this Kereb as Lamak, and when dancing as Sisia Ngereh this Kereb becoming hair cover or head cover and playing it aggressively.

alt="Kereb Cloth of Sisia Dance of Calonarang"

Rehearsal using the Kereb of our own works.

Tunas Maragawi is now currently making the Kereb(s). We planned to use these when dancing Sisia Jegeg and Sisia Ngereh of Calonarang performance in temple of Pura Desa Peliatan.

Tunas Maragawi ever made Sisia dance costume, but without Kereb. We think we could make it now, except the costume parts that made from leather and patterned Prada.

alt="Kereb Cloth of Sisia Dance of Calonarang"

The drawing of Celuluk character

The Kereb is painted in the same way like traditional painting of Bali.
Using black color and the brush made of bamboo. Its difficult !!

In painting the Kereb(s) we used the same way like we painted the Umbul-Umbul..

m drew the Celuluk and it main shadows, and later the students of Tunas Maragawi helped to color it.

alt="Kereb Cloth of Sisia Dance of Calonarang"

m ‘s students re-drew the line, painted the hair parts one by one