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Ubud Schedule of Performances

Ubud Dance & Gamelan, schedule of performances 2019

Jul 2019
Balinese Dance and Gamelan Performances at Ubud, schedule for printing pdf.
Legong Sri Padma レゴン・スリ・パドマ舞踊

Performance of Legong Sri Padma – MAY 2019

Apr 2019
Balinese Dance and Gamelan Performances at Ubud, schedule for printing pdf.
tari pependetan klasik

Old Style Sacred Pendet Dance

Apr 2014
Pendet dance, is a kind of Wali (sacred) dance, a dance that is performed in eve
Legong Kupu-kupu Carum by Dewi Sri - Teges Peliatan

Legong Kupu-Kupu Carum Dance

Sep 2013
Legong Kupu-Kupu Carum (Legong of Butterfly). The beauty of butterflies is refle
Rejang Dewa Anak-anak Br.Kalah

Rejang Dewa Dance by the Children of Banjar Kalah

Sep 2013
Rejang Dewa. In every temple ceremony (odalan) in temple of Banjar Kalah this Re
Bapang Sari Performance / バパン・サリ バリ島公演

Bapang Sari New Year Performance

Jan 2013
In the New Year January 1, 2013, a group of Balinese performing arts performed i
information Bapang Sari Performance

info: Performance of Bali & Japan Bapang Sari

Dec 2012
Wonderful time! Bali – Japan! We will join in a Balinese Dance and Gamelan
Legong Jaya Pangus / Male Legong by Genta Bhuana Sari

Legong Jaya Pangus by Genta Bhuana Sari Peliatan

Dec 2012
Legong dance, a Balinese dance, a cultural heritage that has a distinctive movem
I love dance - Sanggar Tari Tunas Maragawi Banjar Kalah

Anniversary Sanggar Tari Tunas Maragawi

Dec 2012
Every Sunday morning & meet the children at Banjar to do the Balinese Dance
balinese dance makeup lesson

Makeup Exercise for Balinese Dance

Nov 2012
Not as usual, that every Sunday morning conducts dance rehearsal of Sanggar Tari
Dancing Under The Sky Ubud Writers Readers Festival

Dancing Under the Sky – Book Launch & Art Exhibition

Oct 2012
In July 2012, through a friend, Eka Partama, we were introduced to an Australian
Odalan Pr Gunung Sari 20120605

Legong Semarandana at Gunung Sari Temple

Jun 2012
Peliatan village since the 1920s has been known for its Legong Dance. One of the