We kadek ferry ( f ) & m (mayumi inouye) have a friend from Australia.
He was Mr. Dag. He has a good friend who also from Australia, Mr. J.

Kala Rau Story Dance - Semara and Ratih
Bobo Kertayasa and m (mayumi)
(the dance of Semara and Ratih on the Story of Kala Rau)

Mr. J. and family planned to travel to Bali, but some of his family members could not join because the flight to Bali was temporarily closed.

Indeed, during the APEC summit, for security reason Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport was closed to commercial flights. Many tourists canceled their visit to Bali. What a pity Mr. J and familly.

Mr. Dag had an idea that would make a Birthday Party with a performance of music and dance for Mr. J. But this idea was still a secret, as a surprise to Mr. J.

Our small group had been set up for performance in a private villa where Mr. J and his family stayed. Once we arrived at the parking area, we tried to make our presence in a silent, unknown by Mr. J, even when we were setting up gamelan, no any sounds. Also when we went to the toilet we had to be hurried and always “on alert.” Hahaha …

The mission was successful, we made ​​a surprise for Mr. J as a birthday present.

In that evening we performed some instrumentals like Merah Putih, Fajar Menyingsing, Penarik Becak, that played in a collaboration of Balinese gamelan, Javanese gamelan and an Electric Piano. Besides instrumentals we also performed three dances. They were Kala Rau dance, Fisherman dance, Topeng Tua dance (a mask dance represented an old character).

Happy Birthday Mr. J, and have a wonderful stay in Bali!