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グヌンサリ プリアタン Gunung Sari Peliatan

The Signboard of Gunung Sari Performance

Jan 2017
designed the new signboard of the Gunung Sari group performance. The group had b
Birthday Party at Ubud

Sri Padma danced in a Birthday Party

Jan 2017
Sri Padma was invited to perform on K’s 5th birthday party, from Singapore
20151200-tmg-balinese calender

This Year Founding Anniversary We Made A Calendar

Dec 2015
Happy Anniversary Sri Padma & Tunas Maragawi! Anniversary Sanggar Sri Padma
201509 Kain Kerab, Sisia Calonarang

Kereb Cloth of Sisia Dance of Calonarang

Sep 2015
Kereb is common known as a white cloth with a specific spooky painting (the Celu
20150802 How to make Balinese Dance Costume

We Made Our Own Balinese Dance Costume!

Aug 2015
Sisia dance costume Made in Tunas MaragawiThe Gelungan, Bapang, Lilit, Saput, an
3R Owl Whistle - How to make 2015JAN22 ths Spring School Ubud

Creating Owls – Recycle Project With Kids

Jan 2015
hoot hoot hooray! Some time ago we did a recycle project with the children of th
panggul gamelan ガムランのパングル(バチ)

Panggul ( Mallet) Gamelan Bali

Jun 2014
PANGGUL is the name of the a tool that is used to play (to hit) Balinese gamelan
How to make Sampian Bokor (welcome dance property)

How to make Sampian Bokor

May 2011
For people who learns Balinese dance overseas (outside of Bali), and palm leaves
New Gamelan

New Gamelan (??)

Apr 2010
Village Competition April 12, 2010, took place smoothly. In this competition Pel