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m designed the new signboard of the Gunung Sari group Performance. The group has planned to redesigning this from a year before. And they wanted me to make this new design.

The previous signboard was also made by m (mayumi inouye), it was about ten years ago.
The change of generations of a dancer has changed her face at all,
It seems that he was considering exchanging for a new signboard.
Thank you very much for asking me this time as well. I’m happy.

-The Signboard of Gunung Sari Performance

A new sign and a poster for a performance guide

This band has the designation of a dancer to be posted on a signboard.
Even if you go through every week, not only the designated dancer will dance
Ten years ago, memory that was created for a long time came to fly.

This time, I first took a picture in October
And finished and it was decorated today
It was January over the year but it is about two months, who is earlier.

-The Signboard of Gunung Sari Performance

When a person enters, I know the size

-The Signboard of Gunung Sari Performance

At the beginning of use, We will offer you properly and pray

I hope to call lots of customers!
Everyone, please come to appreciate the Gunungsari Orchestra.

At the venue, Puriatan village of Ubud, Puri Agung Puriatan royal palace,
Every Saturday at 19:30.
The latest ticket price is here