m designed the new signboard of the Gunung Sari group performance.

The group had been planning to redesign this from a year before and wanted the new design.

The previous signboards were also made by m (mayumi inouye). But it was about ten years ago. And now there have been a number of new dancers joined in, so there is also a need to update the data and redesign this signboard.

I am happy and grateful for being given the trust to make this Gunung Sari group posters and signboards, thank you!

The Signboard of Gunung Sari Performance

The new posters and signboards for performance program guide

The dancer images that are displayed on the poster are the ones who would later appear on the performance.

When you watch this group’s performance routinely, you will know that not only the dancers that are being displayed on the poster will appear, but other dancers who have been active since a long time would still appear. These faces remind me of the making of the previous posters and signboard ten years ago.

This time it takes about two months, I first took photos in October, and finally today everything has been completed, and ready to be displayed.

The Signboard of Gunung Sari Performance

You will know the size when with a person arround

The Signboard of Gunung Sari Performance

Giving some ritual offering at the beginning of the first day use

I hope it would bring guests and art lovers to enjoy the performance.

Come and watch the performance of Gunung Sari Peliatan and feel the power of Kebyar performance.

Located in the village of Peliatan,
Ancak Saji Open Stage, Peliatan Palace, Ubud.

Every Saturday at 7:30 p.m

Ceck here for the latest ticket price