Mr. I Wayan Darya in teaching us the gamelan of Legong Indra Maya, 14th Jan 2015

Legong Indra Maya
Genta Bhuana Sari Group has started to make a new Legong dance creation “Legong Indra Maya” with the composer, Mr. I Wayan Darya, and Mr. Anak Agung Gede Bagus Mandera Erawan the choreographer.

This new Legong dance is the series of Legong Jaya Pangus (2012). The dancers of this new Legong Indra Maya are all also male dancers.

Have a look! These are the photos of the rehearsal of Genta Bhuana Sari Troupe, taken in this January.

The 3rd rehearsal, 18th Jan 2015

The 4th rehearsal with all dancers, 20th Jan 2015

The 5th rehearsal, 22nd Jan 2015

We got the invitation letter of the debut-first performance of this Legong dance. It was written that The Legong Indra Maya will be performed on Sunday, 25th January 2015, at Balerung Stage, Peliatan Village, Ubud

Please check the detail of this performance on the copy of the invitation letter on the links below!

We are sorry, we do not serve any ticket reservations and detail information of this performance. Please directly contact the contact person as on invitation! Thank You!

INVITATION LETTER (performance schedule / ticket price)