f (kadek ferry) started to teach gamelan accompaniment for Legong Lasem dance to a yoth gamelan group of Banjar Kalah community last night.

Youth Gamelan Group Starts Practicing Gamelan for Legong Dance

The first rehearsal of gamelan for Legong dance.
September 11, 2017 at Banjar Kalah

They are focusing to learn the gamelan accompaniment for temple festival in our Banjar.
We planned to perform the following dance programs:
– Pendet Dance (a classic welcome dance)
– Baris Dance
– Legong Lasem Dance
– Kelinci Dance (a rabbit dance)
– Telek Mask Dance
– Barong Dance

The gamelan musicians had already their experience playing the gamelan for Telek Mask dance, and for this they would only need a few time rehearsals, not intensive. But not for the Legong Lasem dance, this will be their first time playing gamelan to accompany Legong dance. Some intensive rehearsals are needed. Especially to learn to play and harmonize the “kotekan” (interlocking) part.

On the other side, the dancers are also rehearsing the choreography. It looks that they are excited. This will be their debut Legong dance performance.

Youth Gamelan Group Starts Practicing Gamelan for Legong Dance

A new “pasangan” (partner) is working hard to rehearse the Legong Lasem dance.
September 12, 2017 @ f studio

I m teach the dancers-the girls team, and my husband f teach the gamelan to boys team. It seems that there would be a little competition here. Hahaha! Okay, let’s see which team is first ready to perform.