This time we decided to perform Tari Kelinci (Rabbit dance) in our Banjar for the temple festival Odalan. This performance was a debut performance for the young girls in a full or complete Rabbit dance costume.

This was remembering us back when they first performed this First Rabbit dance in an event with a limited costumes resources, not using real Rabbit dance costume at all, was a handmade rabbit crown, and some other costume parts. But it was beautiful!

And when they performed this at the Odalan in our Banjar temple, it was in a complete costumes. They were 10 girls. Actually we wanted more but we only got the costumes only for 10 dancers.

Odalan at Pura Catur Bhuana::Br. Kalah Peliatan: March 2017

they were so confident wearing the genuine costumes!

Some years ago m was active dancing with Anangga Sari Group of Kutuh Village. Here she danced for their regular performances.

We remembered that there was a Rabbit dance program on their performance, then we visited Mr. Wayan, a dancer & costumes coordinator of this group.

He went around to all dancer’s house to collect back the costumes. It had been long time since the dancers used to dance the Rabbit dance, and they were not dancing this anymore as thew had grown up.

I was so grateful and thankful for this. A long time ago I was active dancing and helping this group, and now they gave it back to me, helped me provided these costumes for my students. Beautiful!

About our performance at the Odalan. On the next day of the temple festival the girls performed gamelan.
It was a little competition with the old ladies group of Angklung instruments. Two groups performed in the same stage. There were few repertoires performing in each other, and as a single orchestra it was impossible to play, they played it in turn.

Odalan at Pura Catur Bhuana::Br. Kalah Peliatan: March 2017

Sri Padma elementary school team playing

And in that evening, a masked dance Telek was performed by our students form the older girls, the high school girls team. The students who before were so small, they were all now taller than me. Without stretching, it was a bit of a shock that you can not put on a mask.

Odalan at Pura Catur Bhuana::Br. Kalah Peliatan: March 2017

Masked dance Tari Telek