Semara Pegulingan Dharma Purwa Jati

This week we had our performance at Amandari during the opening of painting exhibition.

There were some variations of programs, from classical to contemporary. The part of classical performances was performed by Sekaa Gong Semara Pegulingan Dharma Jati. Here they performed the Legong Lasem dance. And the other part was the new creation and collaboration performance by Polosseni Group .

The Polosseni Group. Relaxing before the show

From left: Agus, m , Legong Lasem dancers ( m ‘s students_green), Putu (the Condong)

The Legong Lasem were danced by m ‘s students from her group of Tunas Maragawi, and the Condong dancer was Putu, the daughter of Polosseni Leader.

On this opening exhibition m danced the story of Kala Rau. She role as the Goddess Ratih, Mr. I Made Djimat was as the Kala Rau, and his grand son Agus as the God Semara.

m during make-up and dressing up costume

Mr. I Made Djimat helping Agus to dress up

f with Willow Neilson a Saxophone player from Australia, during rehearsal at f studio

This Kala Rau performance was by Polosseni Group in the collaboration of Gamelan, Piano and Saxophone.

The performance ran well! Thank you to all artists!