Bali Island of Arts

June is the month of arts in Bali. Every year in this month held the Bali Arts Festival (PKB). Before Bali Art Festival, other various art performances are also held in a series of final examinations of Arts degree at ISI Denpasar.

In this season many tourists and art lovers from various regions come to Bali to see the works performed in these events.

musim kesenian
making new song for dance

kadek ferry ( f ) who join in group Genta Bhuana Sari (gbs) will support a dance performance of a student who will perform a new dance choreography for final examinations of Arts degree majoring in dance at ISI Denpasar this May, and it is now currently ongoing process of training and preparation.
*This performance::: 22nd May 2013 at ISI Denpasar

Gamelan Cendana Batubulan for PKB 2013
classic style legong dance

m (mayumi inouye) with friends will perform in the Bali Arts Festival PKB this June. They will perform the classic Legong dance. This performance is one part of reviving the Pelegongan dance that is rarely performed. The rehearsal has been going on since last week.
*This performance::: 23nd Jun 2013 at Art Center