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Amandari - Polosseni and Dharma Purwa Jati Performance 2015

Performance on Opening Painting Exhibition at Amandari

Jul 2015
Semara Pegulingan Dharma Purwa Jati This week we had our performance at Amandari
2014-12-31 Polosseni AmaNusa

New Year’s Eve Performance 2015

Jan 2015
Happy New Year 2015 !!! Performance on New Year’s Eve 2014-2015 New Year b
20140614 amanusa performance on sand

Performance on the Beach Underneath the Moon

Jun 2014
We are sorry, for the time being this content is not yet available in English, s
Koraborasi Bali - Jepang

Japanese Tone With Balinese Gamelan

May 2014
collaboration event between Bali and Japan We performance at Amankila, for Celeb
New Year's Preformance 2014 at Nusa Dua 31,Dec.2013

New Year’s Eve Performance 2014

Jan 2014
Dance and music collaboration by Polosseni Group at Nusa Dua, Bali On New Year&#
kang cin wie (Barong Landung) カンチンウィ バロン・ランドゥン カン・チンウィ物語 バロン・ランドゥン バリ島 中国貨幣 2013春節

Kang Cing Wie (The Story of Barong Landung)

Feb 2013
Have you ever seen “Barong Landung”? Barong Landung is a pair giant human puppet
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Music Collaboration & Dance

Jan 2012
Our performance at the end of 2011, when we performed with a small group with in
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ARMA Group (Djimat)

Dec 2000
I Made Jimat is one of the renown dancer and actor of the great classical Baline