Village Competition April 12, 2010, took place smoothly. In this competition Peliatan Village Government involves the whole society to participate actively supporting this event. In each Banjar has also prepared a variety of activities and preparations for reception the Assessment Team from the Government of Gianyar. Especially for the reception is held at Puri Agung Peliatan.

gemelan craboration

In the welcoming ceremony, as the opening was performed the Pendet dance, a welcome dance, by children from the village of Peliatan, and also performed Peliatan choir group of PKK (a community based woman’s social organization) accompanied with keyboard in collaboration with gamelan Gong Kebyar Genta Bhuana Sari (gbs) .

The keyboard accompaniment at that time played by f , is indeed specifically prepared for this competition at the request of the PKK of Peliatan Village. And from the days before a variety of exercises have also been held. f is in addition to being musicians Bhuana Genta Sari, is also actively involved in preparing everything. And even to look more attractive, kadek ferry ( f ) & m (mayumi inouye) created a style of a keyboard stand with the feel and design of Bali.

The design of this “GAMELAN” (?) was made in such a way as to give the impression of a whole between an electric musical instrument (keyboard) with Balinese gamelan. And the result is very satisfying!

The day before the performance this “GAMELAN” (?) has been brought to the Ancak Saji Peliatan Palace. f said the “GAMELAN” (?) should be tried first before using it. And the exercise was begun, although delayed several hours because of rain.

The next day, at 6 am I was already in place of makeup. In this place I and 3 others were assigned to help the children who will dance the Pendet (the welcome dance) to make-up and costumes. Very different than usual, which is only danced by 4-6 people, but for this time will be danced by 20 children dancers, from the Peliatan Village.

Children were so excited and patiently waiting for the make-up and wearing costumes that they would use.

It was almost at 8, we are increasingly rushing to solve the make-up and dressing up. Finally, thanks to the enthusiasm and cooperation, all the dancers are ready to come forward.

After the Regent and Assessment Team from the Government of Gianyar Regency arrived and MC opened the event, then the show began. The Pendet dancers dancing with very typical movement, the Peliatan style. The entire audience gave a very rousing speech.

After Pendet followed by a chorus of PKK, so graceful with the song “Welcome to the Village Peliatan”, “Bungan Sandat”, “Mars PKK”, and “Mars KB”. Standing ovation the audience was again echoing.

Even more during the day, after completion of the assessment, as entertainment for the Assessment Team at lunch, the Genta Bhuana Sari performed the Niko Mask Dance, and at certain times interspersed with instrumental keyboard accompaniment, single gamelan collaboration with f . This collaboration is played spontaneously without any special training, but the results are pretty good.

All participants were felt very happy and satisfied, and also by the Regent of Gianyar, giving his high appreciation for all artists of Peliatan.

Hopes Peliatan village get the best results!