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Bvlgari Resort Bali celebrated their 10th anniversary last October. Unlike most of other big hotels in Bali which their celebrations tend to be modern and glamorous, the celebration of the 10th Anniversary Bvlgari Resort was celebrated in classic Balinese theme. The stage, the entertainments, and almost all the staff and management wear traditional Balinese dress such as the Songket, Endek, Bali Batik, as well as the dance and gamelan performances, they were all in classical Balinese style. Beautiful!

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mayumi m (left) on Legong Kupu Kupu Carum costume

The dances that we performed were a welcome dance “Puspa Mekar” and Legong Kupu- Kupu Carum, the Legong dance of butterflies. This was a join performance with Melati Blanca Danes Studio of Ibu Melati from Denpasar.

The gamelan group who accompanied the performance was Sekaa Pelegongan Sri Padma.

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Our rehearsal at Bale Banjar Kalah, Peliatan

A few days before the final rehearsal with the Melati Danes Dancers, the gamelan rehearsal assisted by dancers m and her students to direct the arrangement of the song and Angsel (critical parts or principal marker movement referenced by gamelan players to accompany it), especially at the Legong Butterflies Carum her. Well, practice “maadungan” while remembering-Remin. It’s been a long time since their last gig this Legong three years ago when Odalan in Pura Banjar Kalah Peliatan. The results of our reconstruction with Mother Moon Trisna Djelantik 2013. Our reconstruction results with Mrs.Bulantrisna Djelantik in 2013.

We are grateful, the preparation and staging event at Bvlgari Resort is going well and well. In this staging mayumi join dance with dance group Legong Butterfly Carum Melati Danes Studio, and one of his students from the group SRI PADMA also included in a group of dancers this dance studio dance Puspa Mekar Dance.

In this BVLGARI performance m (mayumi) joined dancing the Legong Kupu Kupu Carum with the Melati Danes Group. One of her student also joined dancing the welcome dance Puspa Mekar.

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With Melati Danes Group

We were so grateful for this performance.
Our special thanks to Ibu Melati Blanca Danes and all dancers, and to the Bvlgari Resort team welcomed us very friendly.

— Happy 10th Anniversary Bvlgari Resort Bali! —

alt="-BVLGARI Resort Bali 10th Anniversary"

Member of Sri Padma gamelan group at BVLGARI

Member of Sri Padma gamelan group:
f kadek ferry (SP)
I Made Sukanda (DS)
Surama (DJ)
I Made Andika (GBS)
I Wayan Suantana (GBS)
I Wayan Subrata (GS)
I Wayan Lela (GS)
Nyoman Ging (GS)
Degus (DJ)
I Nyoman Mansa (DJ)
I Made Mupu (DS)
I Wayan Suparta (GSS),
Kadek Bandem (DS),
I Wayan Kioana (GBS)
Kadek Ari (DS)
m mayumi inouye (SP-Dancer),
Ade (TMG-Dancer)