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Legong Sri Padma レゴン・スリ・パドマ舞踊

Performance of Legong Sri Padma – MAY 2019

Apr 2019
Balinese Dance and Gamelan Performances at Ubud, schedule for printing pdf.
sri padma bali 2018

Weekly Integrated Best Selling TOP 40

Oct 2017
Our Gamelan Music work ‘Legong Sri Padma’ entered the Weekly Album B
Legong Sri Padma - Tari Legong Sri Padma Dance, Peliatan Ubud. Dancer Sanggar Sri Padma, Gamelan Dewi Sri

Legong Sri Padma Dance

Apr 2017
(in this video the Legong Sri Padma starts from the minute 12th after the Condon
Sri Padma lesson new dance

Start Practicing A New Legong Dance

Feb 2017
(Kadek ferry) and (mayumi inoue) are currently creating their new work of a Lego