kadek ferry( f ) is also actively joined the Tirta Sari, at Balerung, Peliatan.
The following are brief profiles of this group.

Seka Gong Tirta Sari Peliatan


Sekaa Gong Tirta Sari was founded in 1978 by AA Gd Mandera at Puri Kaleran, Peliatan, in order to preserve the classical dance and music of Peliatan, especially the music used for accompanying the Pelegongan dances, as well as to enrich and develop the existing music. As a result, I Made Lebah, a well-known music teacher from Banjar Kalah Peliatan, along with several other musicians, was called to Puri Kaleran to prepare the first performance, which was entitled Barong Bebekah.

The Semara Pegulingan gamelan orchestra is generally considered to be the most appropriate musical accompaniment for the Pelegongan dances, and thus, Tirta Sari has played a vital role in the effort to preserve and develop the classical dances and music of Peliatan, in particular the Pelegongan dances.

Some of the Legong dances performed by the group:

Legong Keraton Lasem (complete version)
Legong Semaradana
Legong Jobog
Legong Kuntir
Legong Kuntul
Legong Pelayon
Legong Sri Sedana (new creation)
Legong Untung Suropati (new creation)

Movies(YouTube) : Tirta Sari