Sanggar Sri Padma - f studio, Peliatan Ubud, BALI

Om Suastiastu!

Sri Padma group has been established since 2011 in f studio, Banjar Kalah, Peliatan, Ubud. And here we f (kadek ferry) dan m (mayumi inouye) started teaching Balinese dance to the children. On the same year we were also founded the Sanggar Tunas Maragawi at our Banjar community. Since then all dance activities have been conducted together.

The goals and the visions of the Sri Padma group are similar to the vision of Sanggar Tunas Maragawi, but the dance learning activities of Sanggar Sri Padma are more focused towards to the preservation of classical Balinese dances.

We do believe that the classical art of Bali is a very special cultural identity that have to be preserved and passed down to the younger generation, a cultural richness of all time!

The members of Sri Padma group are not only the girls form our community, but also the girls from outsider area.

Sri Padma group office is at f studio, Banjar Kalah, Peliatan village, Ubud.

– The meaning of Sri Padma –
In Sanskrit “Sri” means beautiful, bright, and prosperity. “Padma” is Lotus. Lotus symbolizes beauty and has a deep philosophical meaning. Wherever Lotus grows, in the clear water, dirty, swamp, or in the mud, it will continue to grow and always looks so clean against the background of this dirty pond. Lotus gives beauty and joy to all their surroundings. For us this is a reflection in art learning in a hope that what we have been doing can be useful for the people and for Balinese culture preservation, both in the present time and for the future.

– Some of Sri Padma’s Works –
2018 – Composed gamelan music for SAKURA SARI Dance (Performance at the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Indonesia-Japan Diplomatic Relations)
2018 – ‘Onnagata’ Japanese Traditional dance meets Bali
2017 – Our New Works: Legong Sri Padma Dance
2016 – Legong Lasem, Gamelan and Dance by Girls Group
2015 – Plaque and Award from Bali National State Polytechnic Campus
2014 – TV Documentary “Indonesia BAGUS”
2013 – The Recording & Preservation Project of Legong Kupu-Kupu Carum
2011 – Don Dap-dape @ Peliatan Village Festival

Thank you! Matur Suksma!


The Video of Sri Padma (YouTube)