Legong Telek

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Legong Telek
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 Rp.80,000. (data:JAN2017 )

This newly choreographed Legong Telek Dance is a combination of both contemporary and classical dance celebrating the richness of artistic expression of Balinese dance that are perpetuated in classical dance styles.

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Performance Program

Tabuh Penegak

This instrumental piece is called Tabuh Penegak played as an opening song indicating the performance is due to begin.

Pendet Dance

Pendet or Pependetan is a ceremonious dance functioning as an offering to the Gods.
The dancers should be unmarried women by virtue of the fact that they serve as offerings.
Nowadays the performers are called Pendet to welcome the guests.

Baris Dance

The basic elements of the dance derived from mass Baris dance.
It is all about demonstrating of physical strength and emotional maturity of a warrior.
The distinctive costume, the conical shaped head-dress, the precise steps and energetic, highly spirited movements of the performer give emphasis to the martial aspect of dance.

Legong Telek

In the dance you will see the two legong dancers as Siwa and his wife, Dewi Uma, quarrelling.
In a critical moment Siwa puts a curse on Dewi Uma who instantly turns into a frightful Rangda White Kala.
Inorder to fight Rangda, Siwa changes himself into Kroda Murti Red Kala.
A big fight ensues between them and a dreadful epidemic ravages the earth.
Being aware of the situation, Lord Wisnu, Brahma and Iswara perform dances to end the fight.
Wisnu performs Telek Dance, Brahma takes a role as Penamprat, and Iswara represents Jauk in the sight of the fighting Kalas. Being captivated by the divine show the Kalas immediately end their fight and the world regains balance.

source: Program, thanks: Mr.TOM.JiMBU 2018

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