Peliatan village consist of ten communities called “Banjar
Each Banjar has a gamelan group(s) with their own gamelan instruments.
This group called “Sekaa Gong”.
Sekaa, means group,
Gong, generaly means orchestra also known as gamelan

The main purpose of founding the “Sekaa Gong” is to provide a social performance(s) for their community temple or other temples.
This performance(s) can be a ritual music accompaniment, or dance and gamelan entertainment at the stage of the temple.
List of group formally owned by the community or Banjar.

Banjar (Community)
Br.Ambengan Sekaa Gong Banjar Ambengan
Sekaa Gong PKK Banjar Ambengan
Br.Kalah Sekaa Gong Gurnita Sari info
Sekaa Gong PKK Gurnita Sekar Sari info
Sekaa Gong Alit Alit Br.Kalah
Sekaa Gong Alit Alit (Perempuan) Tunas Maragawi info
Sekaa Baleganjur Tamiang Sari, Pemuda Maragawi
Seka Gong Suling: Kawi Swara 2014
Br.Tebesaya Sekaa Gamelan Angklung
Sekaa Gebyug Gurnita Wreksa 1992
Sekaa Kecak Gurnita Wreksa 2002
Sekaa Tektekan Gurnita Wreksa 2003
Sekaa Godogan Gurnita Wreksa 2006
Sekaa Baleganjur Pemuda Sukma Kesuma
Br.TengahBr.Tengah Kangin

Br.Tengah Kauh

Sekaa Gong Madya
Sekaa Gong PKK Madya Sari
Sekaa Kecak Semara Madya
Sekaa Selonding
Sekaa Barong (group of gamelan playing music of Barong)
Sekaa Baleganjur Pemuda Kumara Canti Gotraja
Br.Teges Kanginan Sekaa Gong Semara Pegulingan Gunung Jati
Sekaa Kecak
Sekaa Gong PKK Teges Kangina
Sekaa Janger Pemuda Semara Jati
Br.Teges Kawan Sekaa Gong Banjar Teges Kawan
Sekaa Gong PKK Banjar Teges Kawan
Sekaa Baleganjur Pemuda Kumara Gana
Br.Teges Yangloni Sekaa Gong Teges Yang Loni
Br.Teruna Sekaa Gong Banjar Teruna
Sekaa Gong Suling
Sekaa Baleganjur Pemuda Widya Kumara Sentana
Br.Pande Sekaa Angklung Pande
Sekaa Baleganjur Pemuda Ganda Yowana Pawa
Pura (Temple)
Pr. Dalem Gede Sekaa Pemaksan Pura Dalem Gede Peliatan info

banjar…the smallest Balinese community
gong…generaly means orchestra also known as gamelan
PKK…ladies group (also as ladies community/sub-banjar)
teruna…or pemuda…youth
baleganjur…Balinese marching gamelan
gamelan angklung…gamelan that use a four-tone mode, only contain one octave
gebyug…giant wooden cowbells
tektekan…traditional bell, made of bamboo and played with wooden stick
selonding…Balinese musical instrument from Tenganan (east Bali), made of iron
janger…a dance depicting the love and joys of youth
suling…bamboo flute