In the art activities of Tunas Maragawi, there is also a Balinese dance make-up exercise. This activity is specially trained the children doing the face makeup of Balinese dance in a hope that when they ready to dance in addition to having enough skill to dance, they would also able to make up their own face.

The children who are given the opportunity to exercise this makeup are those who has become grade 6 elementary school. Once they’ve grade 6, they would be called to f studio and here m will train them how to do the Balinese dance makeup.

This year there was only one girl who joined this makeup exercise. Yes, she said that in Banjar Kalah she was the only girl of the grade 6. All her friends who on the same age were all boys,,, wow!

Makeup lesson 2015


Have a look! She did it with her own!
Pretty good ya?!