Since last year in this month our students became active dancers in some regular performances in Ubud.

On the years before they were only dancing in Banjar and with Dewi Sri Group, but after some period of performances they also performed with some other groups.

I was so grateful for my students of Sri Padma that had been invited to join into other groups. I gained my confident and being motivated to continue the activities of Sri Padma teaching dances of Bali to the new younger generation.

I had been teaching and raising dancers that became externally requested to dance, this was not just about the teacher but the main factor was of their high self motivation and their efforts to learn the dance from the teacher.

This evening, there were some students did their debut dance performance with the Gunung Sari Peliatan Group. Take a look! She seemed a bit nervous and her smiles were stiff.

Go! Go! Sri Padma!!

Pendet Dance, the debut performance with Gunung Sari group!

By the way, recently my students are quite often requested to dance Legong for a routine performance.
The dancer who debuted at the beginning of last year and the dancer on the picture below were a partner “Pasangan.” I taught them since they were young girls, and they were always rehearsing Legong dance in partner. They had the same way of movements.

Now, although they usually appear separately as substitutes on a regular Legong dance performance, but I expect that the day where they can dance the Legong regularly in a partner would come!

Go! Go! Sri Padma!!

Princess Rangkesari

I will do my best for the new young generation and the future of the Legong dance.