Musicians Wardrobe

Each group has 2 to 3 kinds of costumes.

Costume set of Bali gamelan musician consists of:
Udeng, a typical Balinese headgear with special motifs and colors
Shirts Safari, stand collar (looks like Mao collar) jacket
Kamen (sarong)
Saput, a special outer cover sheath, usually customized with the colors and motifs of Udeng
Anteng (shawl).

Musicians Wardrobe

Musicians Wardrobe
Safari of f’s Group, from left
Dewi Sri(2) : Sang-LAH-SUN(1) : Gurnita Sari(3)
Genta Bhuana Sari(5) : Tirta Sari(3)

But the type of Kamen and Anteng-free, is not uniform.

Musicians Wardrobe
Kamen, Saput, Songket etc…

In addition it should be kept several costume shirts, Udeng, from show-specific performances, which at times will be used again.
Simply make a whole wardrobe full,,, and even then will definitely keep increasing!

In the world, usually the girl who keep a lot of new clothes,,,,
Here, the guy (gamelan players) that keep a large collection of clothes,,,,

Musicians Wardrobe