Oleg Tumlilingan

“Oleg” means an action to sway the body, and “Tambulilingan” represents bumblebee.

One maiden is flirting from flower to flower in a garden, and then a young male bee appears, Struck by her beauty, he tries to move forward. First startled at his sudden entrance, she soon fall in love. The woman dancer, with scarf fluttering on her waist, circles on quickstep lightly but sometimes violently.

Gusti Ayu Raka Rasmi, Oleg tamulilingan birthday event

Ibu Raka (Gusti Ayu Raka Rasmi) is a dance maestro of Oleg Tamulilingan, a dancer who danced for the first time the Oleg Tambulilingan (Bumblebee dance), choreo… read more >> Spirit of Raka Rasmi – Oleg Tamulilingan (in her birthday)

kebyar-kebyar gusti raka rasmi with genta bhuana sari

Peliatan is not only famous with its Legong. Its Kebyar is also well-known and has long history. The developments of kebyar style in Peliatan was started with t… read more >> The Power of Kebyar by Genta Bhuana Sari

Mengenang Sang Guru 11

essay Mengenang SANG GURU 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pementasan Hari IV (29 Agustus 2007) Genta Bhuana Sari - Oleg Tamulilingan: Oka Dalem & Gusti Ayu Raka… read more >> Mengenang Sang Guru (11)

Name of Dance