Wonderful time! Bali – Japan!
We will join in a Balinese Dance and Gamelan performance with Bapang Sari, a group from Japan.

If you are in Bali this week please come to Peliatan Ubud on 1st January 2013
16:00 at Open Stage Peliatan Palace (Ancak Saji Puri Agung Peliatan)
Its free of charge!

Hopes you are all have a lovely December! and a happy happy new year!

Rejang Dewa Dance
Insturmental Tabuh Budaya Bali (composer I Ketut Cater)
Baris Tunggal Dance
Legong Kraton Dance
Telek Dance
Margapati Dance
Instrumental Tabuh Gilak

Map of Location

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Bapang Sari Group Japan
Bapang Sari Performance