This summer kadek ferry ( f ) and m (mayumi inouye) with Dewi Sri group have started debut dance performance. This performance is a routine performance “ Legong and Barong Dance With Gamelan Semara Pegulingan ” every Sunday 7:30 pm at Bebek Tepi Sawah Stage, Teges Peliatan Ubud.

Sunday Evening Performance by Dewi Sri
Sunday Evening Performance by Dewi Sri

The aim of this routine performance is as an effort to preserve Balinese dances and classical instrumental works of gamelan Semara Pegulingan by all masters and artists of Peliatan from older and young generation.

Sunday Evening Performance by Dewi Sri
Sunday Evening Performance by Dewi Sri

Sekaa Gong Semara Pegulingan Dewi Sri
Performance Program:

1. The Opening Parade Procession
The performance begins with a parade procession by all musicians and some dancers. What makes unique here is that the musicians play instruments made ​​from bamboo called “kepuakan“. This kepuakan instrument commonly used among farmers in Bali to chase off birds when facing the harvest time. All artists playing kepuakan parading into the main stage, a beautiful artistic stage located in the rice field. Sometime you can hear also frogs sound.

2. Adrah (Instrumental)
Adrah is performed after parade procession. In addition to Adrah there are some other options of instrumentals could be performed like Sekar Gendot or Tabuh Solo. These instrumentals are classic works of gamelan Semara Pegulingan.

3. Pendet (Welcome Dance)

4. Legong Lasem Dance
The story of king Lasem and princess Rangkesari. Danced by two Peliatan Legong dancers from famous Peliatan troupe, who have been actively dancing since 1970’s, Mrs. Nyoman Sulasih and Mrs. Murni. And m as the condong.

5. Baris (Warrior Dance)

6. Legong Kuntul
A classic Legong dance depicts a flack of white herons as they go about their activities. Danced by six dancers who dance the actions of the herons as they fly, in round, playing and searching for food together in the patty field.

7. Gambang Kuta (Instrumental)

8. Topeng Suryak (A Mask Dance)
A New creation of Balinese mask dance adapted from Topeng Niko dance. The mask character adapted from comical series of Bali Masks – the Bondres.

9. Barong & Rangda
Mythical Balinese characters representing Good and Evil.

If you are in Bali on SUNDAY evening, please visit our performance.

Sunday Evening Performance by Dewi Sri
The stage with its rice field view

Matur Suksma! Thank You!