Legong dance, a Balinese dance, a cultural heritage that has a distinctive movement, beautiful, dynamic, and abstract, usually danced by two female dancers as the Legong and one as the Condong. What if danced by male dancers? It may sound less popular, but in early ages it was used that Legong danced by men. There is also a Legong dance using the sacred mask known as the Sanghyang Legong.

Male Legong Dance, Legong Jaya Pangus by Genta Bhuana Sari
Beautiful Male Legong Dancers

On 12/12/12 at Balerung Stage, Peliatan Village, Ubud, had been performed a Legong dance which danced by men entitled Legong Jaya Pangus. This is a new Legong dance based on classical movement of the classic Legong Lasem in Peliatan style.

Male Legong Dance, Legong Jaya Pangus by Genta Bhuana Sari
a Beautiful Male Condong Dancer

Legong Jaya Pangus danced by four male dancers. One dancer as the Condong and three other role as Jaya Pangus,. Kang Cing Wie, and Dewi Danu. On the ending section (Pekaad), the Condong re-appear but changed the role to being Mayadenawa. This Legong was performed from the idea of Anak Agung Gede Bagus Mandera Erawan, with Anak Agung Gede Oka Dalem as choreographer. Gamelan composer by I Wayan Darya along with sekaa Gong Genta Bhuana Sari Peliatan. The dancers are I Made Putra Wijaya, Anak Agung Gede Iswara, Kadek Alo, and Dewa Nyoman Irawan.

Male Legong Dance, Legong Jaya Pangus by Genta Bhuana Sari
I Wayan Darya (Composer) and Made Sidia (Dalang/Story Teller)

This Legong duration is up to 45 minutes, same as Legong Lasem in complete version and performs consisting of several sections/parts are: the Pepeson, Bapang, Pengawak, Pengipuk, Pengecet, Pesiat, and Pekaad, where almost every section is filled with a transition accompaniment of the Gegineman, Batel , or a special accompaniment. And on the prior of the ending (Pekaad) accompanied by a gamelan percussion and song of Barong Landung.

legong nandir
All Dancers and m (mayumi inouye)

Legong Jaya Pangus tells the story of King Sri Jaya Pangus with queen Kang Cing Wie, who came from the land of China.

Legong Jaya Pangus

After a long marriage they still have no child. After permitted by Kang Cing Wie, King Jaya Pangus decided to do meditation to Mount Batur. On his way he met a very beautiful princess, Dewi Danu. King Jaya Pangus lied to Dewi Danu, and said that he was unmarried. They get marriage, and a son was born, named Mayadenawa. Because not go home for a long time, Kang Ching Wie followed and searched for her husband to Mount Batur. After arriving Kang Cing Wie see Jaya Pangus with a wife and a son. Dewi Danu was also shocked and became aware of her husband’s apparently been lying. Dewi Danu tells this to her mother, and In anger and with her magic powers, her mother burning Jaya Pangus and his wife Kang Cing Wie. Kingdom was grieving over the death of their king and queen, so as a form of devotion and love for the king and queen by the people made ​​a replica statue of Jaya Pangus and Kang Cing Wie (recent known as Barong Landung) and worship.

On the performance, in addition of Legong Pangus Jaya, also performed instrumental Kebyar Susun, a classic instrumental work composed by I Wayan Gandera in 1964, and the performance of Kebyar Duduk dance, by Anak Agung Gede Mandera Erawan Good with musicians from gamelan group Genta Bhuana Sari.

Male Legong Dance, Legong Jaya Pangus by Genta Bhuana Sari
Dancer (left) – son of A.A.Gede Bagus Mandera Erawan

We are grateful for this performance took place smoothly through the various processes after exercise with all friends of Genta Bhuana Sari and dancers. I always hopping that the arts of Kebyar and Classical Legong of Peliatan as one of the Bali cultural heritage remains preserved. Salam!

Matur Suksma!