Tut Cha (Ketut Suardana) was a dancer and dance instructor from Teges Kanginan Peliatan. But he is more known as a makeup artist.

Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca
Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca, owner K@-cha Collection

Tut Cha began doing makeup for dancers at Arma Children Dance and Gamelan Group when they performed in Bali Art Festival (Children Gong Kebyar Festival) in 1999. Besides in this group he was also doing this in other groups in Peliatan like Genta Bhuana Sari and Balerung pretty long time.

Year by year he was getting well known as a Balinese makeup artist with a beautiful makeup results, tidy, and fits for performances on stage. This made ​​his days were often busy with these ​​makeup activities in communities, village, dance studios, schools and even to makeup the dancers who would perform their new dance choreography in Institute of Arts Denpasar. (ISI Denpasar).

Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca
Condong (Legong Dance) Dancer: makeup by Tutca

When his younger sister got married, he tried for the first time doing Balinese bridal makeup, and many people were satisfied with the result. Since then he began to develop the theory and did a self-learning makeup, hairstyle, Balinese wedding dress (classic and modification). Eight years he have been doing this profession. Once upon a time he did the bridal makeup up to four pairs an a day. A very tiring day, but the next day he had go to the hospital due to his bad health condition.

Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca
Wedding makeup & costume by Tut Cha (photo f studio)

Tut Cha was teacher of m (mayumi inouye) in Balinese dance makeup. Tut Cha taught m about Balinese dance makeup techniques, the latest color trends, and others,,, but m rather stupid, didn’t she?!,, her results have not been good,,,

Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca
Tutca doing makeup for m

During elementary and junior high schools Tut Cha was the dancer of Gunung Jati group of Teges Kanginan Peliatan. He had performed in the works of Sardono and Cak Rina of their semi-contemporary performances. Tut Cha’s artistic talent was inherited from his grandfather, I Made Dana, the kendang player of Sekaa Gong Gunung Jati.

Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca
Tut Cha dancing Baris (Doc. Tutca)

Tut Cha often performed since he was in second year of elementary student. He joined the Gunung Jati group and had performed Baris dance in Japan. Almost every year in 8 years with this group he performed abroad.

It was certainly he could not do his own makup in that time. In each time performing, Tut Cha was makeup by Mr. Sidia from Bona, Mr. Badung and Mrs. Murni from Teges Kanginan Peliatan.

By the way try to look at the the photo of Condong Legong dancer above (second from top)! Do you realize that it’s a male dancer??? This photo was taken when group Genta Bhuana Sari was performing the Male Legong Dance – Legong Jaya Pangus.

Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca

This was the result of the magic hands of a Balinese makeup artist, Tut Cha. The dancer in this photo is Ade Kamandanu. Tut Cha often helps doing makeup for Ade since Ade in sixth year of elementary student and still continue until now.

Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca
Balinese Dance makeup, before and after

Tut Cha did his first makeup for Ade when Ade danced on a routine performance of Sekaa Gong Banjar Tengah. In that time in the village Peliatan there was a daily performance for tourists by each Banjar of the village of Peliatan. They were Banjar Teges Kanginan, Teges Kawan, Banjar Kalah, Banjar Tengah, Banjar Teruna, and Tebesaya, included some active gamelan groups like Gunung Sari, Tirta Sari, Mekar Sari and Kecak Semara Madya.

Tut Cha had ever doing makeup for dancers of almost all groups in Peliatan.

Balinese Makeup Artist Tutca
they’re also male dancers makeup by Tut Cha

Beautiful !