Legong of Mahabrata

Attention! This is old information. This article is based on information from 2019. There are currently changes (price, content, performance suspension, etc.).
Jaya Swara
Legong of Mahabrata
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 Rp.100,000. (data:JUL2019 )

Performance Program

1.Tabuh Jaya Smara

Jaya Smara percussion reveals about the surge of love that can be used to embrace the hope that aspired.

Semara means love and Jaya is a victory.

Thebeauty of percussion sounds are arrayed in the glory of the universe swara art of reconciling all human beings.

2.Tedung Agung Dance (Welcome Dance)

Tedung Agung Dance consists of two words : ‘Tedung’ means umbrella and ‘Agung’ means great.

The meaning of the name is meant to evoke a protective ‘umbrella’ to serve and celebrate Balinese culture.

Tedung Agung is performed by both male and female dancers. In this dance dance, female dancers carry flowers while male dancers use umbrellas for symbolic and easthentic presentation.

3.Baris in Group (Warrior Dance)

The marching warrior dance ‘Baris’ is widely known as an improvised dance in which the lead dancer is accompanied and followed by the others.

When they all are together they move as on unified entity.

The dance represents their preparations for going into battle.

4.The Legong Supraba Duta of Mahabrata Epic

The classical Legong Dance was performed by five women.

The story is a fable from Mahabrata Epic.

The story starts with Raksasa Newatakwaca causing great trouble in the heavens.

In response, the God of Indra ordered the angels Supraba and Arjuna to fight Raksasa Newatakwaca.

Before the fight love sparked between the angels Supraba and Arjuna while they were at the place of Raksasa Newatakaca.

Finally, with the magic of Supraba and the cleverness of Arjuna.

Raksasa Newatakwaca was killed.

5.Tabuh Catur Angurip

Catur Angurip percussion depict a Balinese philosophy of the existence of human life in the world.

‘Catur’ which means four and ‘Angurip’ meaningful life are four sisters who where escorting man since still in the womb until bith underwent ups and down of life.

6.Taruna Jaya Dance

This dance expresses changing moods characteristic of the traditional period experienced by the youth of Bali.

The movements expresses the enthusiastic energy of youth.

7. Topeng Arsa Wijaya Dance

Topeng is the Balinese word for masuk.

People classify mask into two different categories according to their expressions.

Topeng Alus, of the Soft Masuk, represents the tender. lenient and gentle character.

while the antagonist is Topeng Keras or the ‘Though Mask’ representing the hard and relentless character.

8.Tari Kreasi Garuda Wisnu

Dance Creation Garuda Wisnu depicts the struggle of Lord Vishnu along Eagle in Tirta Amrita snatch from the hand of the Giants.

Tirta Amrita is holy water and the water of life, a symbol of Lord Vishnu in its manifestation as the preserver of the universe and its contents.

By riding Garuda (a bird), complete with its round Weapons Chakra, the god Vishnu using various tactics and strengths, whit its round Weapons Chakra.

the god Vishnu using various tactics and strengths.

Tirta Amrita eventually be captured so thea peace and the continuation of life in the universe can take place and well maintained.

from program 2018 / Thanks:T.JIMB

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