NHK documentary - Tabi no Chikara - ballet dancer SHUTO Yasuyuki
f help selecting the “Udeng” on current fashionable Bali dress design

In February 2011, f studio received research assignments and tasks to assist the video shooting process of making a Documentary Film related to arts and culture of Bali, from NHK (Nihon Housou Kyoukai), the largest broadcasting company in Japan. The documentary film was about a ballet dancer who came for the first time to Bali and learned Balinese dance.

NHK documentary - Tabi no Chikara - ballet dancer SHUTO Yasuyuki
“let’s take a look what we get!”

NHK sent a professional dancer who would learn Baris dance, for this, was required an appropriate figure of a teacher who able to provide a good lesson and experiences for students. “Manbud (I Nyoman Budi Artha SSn., MSi)” was chosen by kadek ferry ( f ) as a teacher in this film.

The wife of Manbud, Ni Putu Sutarini was a dance teacher of m (mayumi inouye).
Before m married with f , m lived at Putus’s home, and she lived there for many years learned Bali dance. From this close relationship, f could find out how hard and serious Manbud in teaching Balinese dance. And he was the right teacher.

NHK documentary - Tabi no Chikara - ballet dancer SHUTO Yasuyuki
In temple, all crews on traditional Balinese costumes

This research has been started since February, and the video shooting process completed in April. Although it has been completed, but in the next month have been made some research and update. Until finally in mid-May, this documentary successfully broadcasted over NHK – BS Premium in Japan, and also broadcasted worldwide via NHK World.

We were grateful for this documentary film can be completed properly and successfully broadcasted. We’d like also express our gratitude to the NHK TV, all artists, crews, and on the inclusion of our name f & m , was written as a “Researcher” on the credits at the end of the film.

On this page I would not explain the contents of this documentary, but I just put some photos from this event. There were so many scenes that were not shown on the TV because this program only lasted one hour, but f & m had lot of memories. And we tried revealed them through these beautiful photographs.

Please see these photos below.
Thank you!

Yasuyuki Shuto

Yasuyuki Shuto

Yasuyuki Shuto

Yasuyuki Shuto is a ballet dancer, contemporary dancer, and movie artist. Since the age of 15 he joined the group “Tokyo Ballet” in Japan, and at the age of 19 he was honored as a main dancer in “Sleeping Beauty”. Besides known as a classical professional ballet dancer, he also known as a contemporary dancer and he had been a main dancer of “Bolero” – Maurice Béjart.