Not as usual, that every Sunday morning conducts dance rehearsal of Sanggar Tari Tunas Maragawi, but this time 4th November 2012 because of the General Election of Gianyar Regency, the rehearsal had been cancelled.

We change the morning dance rehearsal into other rehearsal, “Makeup Exercise of Balinese Dance” took place at f studio. This makeup exercise was special for the student of elementary school from the 6th grade.

Balinese Dance Stage Make-Up How to
lesson at f studio Br.Kalah

Until now (November 2012) there are 30 students who are active following the regular training every Sunday morning. Less than from the total listed member 40 students.

In this group, the number of students from the 6th grade of elementary school are 7 students. At this age they should be self sufficient in dressing (dance costume), doing makeup, in order not to bother their parents each time performing.

Last year there were 4 students from 6th grade (now they are in junior high school) who had learned doing makeup of Balinese Dance. They are now become my ( m ) assistance to help doing makeup to the younger students for the performances at temples.

Wow!! Before they were always helped by me to do the makeup, but this time, for the first, they did it with their own hands.
Good at all !!