Rejang dance

Sacred dances, danced at every temple ceremony, ritual dances, dedicated to the god. Mostly perform in the main area of the temple (Jeroan)

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Rejang : A Sacred Dance

Rejang Dance at Temple, Pura Catur Bhuana

Rejang is a sacred dance that usually performs during the temple ceremony procession.
This dance normally danced by the very young girls who have not been yet menstruating.
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Baris : Warrior’s dance

Baris Jago
Baris Jago Dance at Temple, Pura Catur Bhuana

Baris is a warrior dance.
the word of baris means ‘line’.
Sacred Baris dance usually danced by adult men with military formation in the temple.

picture of baris dance

Pendet : Ritual Welcome dance

Pendet Suci
Pendet Dance at Temple,Pura Dalem Gede Peliatan

Simple dance. Sacred Pendet dance usually danced by married woman who holding the holy water, incense or offerings.
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Barong Ket
Barong Ket

Sacred Barong is symbol of the god which object of worship in temple.

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picture of Barong


Sanghyang is a sacred Balinese dance for ritual purification.

These are many kind of Balinese Sacred Dances. Some of these which mostly perform in Peliatan.