Few months ago, when m (mayumi inouye) was teaching Balinese dance at Widya Guna Foundation, she met a Belgian singer, Usi ES (Esther Weemaes). They chatted briefly. They loved children. It was the rehearsal of Gabor dance, a complete version of Legong Lasem dance, and the Legong Jobog dance.

the Bubble

During the break time, they resumed the conversation. Usi ES planed to make a video of a new song that she have had composed. The video would use a young girl and an adult dancer. Then m along with one of her students, Putri, were invited. Putri seemed very happy to join and became the main star in this video.

m and Usi ES met again few days later. Usi ES played her song and explained the story and the concept of making this video. The song was kind of Dark Electro POP music, beautiful song. m keep listened to this song to get ideas of the choreography for Putri and herself.

Putri’s first rehearsal was held on Sunday afternoon at the Yayasan. An hour earlier than the regular rehearsal of the Yayasan group. For this video m taught a simple choreography to Putri. The choreography based on the song storyline. In the beginning it was difficult for Putri as she used to dance that accompanied by Balinese gamelan, but finally she could feel and followed the rhythm of the song and danced it well. In this story m acted as a dancer who wore a simple wooden mask, symbolic as a tree.

the Bubble

Weeks before the video shooting m and Usi ES visited the location in early morning, just ahead of sunrise – time when the video-making process would be conducted. It was raining, a bit delayed, the sky covered with thick clouds. Nonetheless they got what they wanted from this visit. The video shooting location was very beautiful, a vast expanse of green grass, trees, river and hills.

Days ahead of shooting, everybody were getting worried of the weather. It rained every day. However, since all preparations were being settled up — the choreography, the shooting location, costumes, technical production, offerings — the video shooting conducted remains on schedule.

Thank God! The weather was excellent, two days in a bright morning sky. Thanks to all who successfully have completed this video shooting.

The film production teams

The Bubble

The Bubble (Official Video)

by Usi ES

  • Esther Weemaes (Concept/Director/Outfit)
  • Peter Wall (Cameraman/Director/Video editing)
  • Blair Robins (Cameraman)
  • Putri (Little girl dancer)
  • mayumi inouye m – (Mask Dancer/choreographer)
  • TJ Concepts (Jewelry)
  • Ni Wayan & friend (make-up artist)
  • kadek ferry f – (Crew/Assistance)
  • Wayan Suasta (Crew/Sriver)
  • Steven Sanders (Video Editing)

Usi ES

The Bubble” by Usi ES (Esther Weemaes), tells the story of a young girl (Putri) who is alone on a hill. In her own world she always playing, running along the ridge, playing with the mask – trying on it, putting it on her hand to scare bad ghosts along the way. After arriving in a place she sees a big tree then ties up the mask on that tree and imagining as if the tree alive and moving. Then she closes her eyes and hugs the tree in deep feeling. When she opens her eyes she surprises and suddenly found herself is dressed up with a beautiful golden flower crown. The tree alive and becomes a masked female human figure ( m ), and dancing. The little girl tries to imitate the dancing of the tree-mask dancer. Then the mask dancer takes her by hand and dancing together. Afterwards the mask dancer slowly backwards and release her. The little girl so focuses, elegant on her own and able to dance by herself. She doesn’t realize that the mask dancer has disappeared and back becoming into a tree. After realizing, instead of being disappointed now the little girl is strong, grateful, and full of confident.

Matur Suksma!

The Bubble” was mentioned in a Belgian Newspaper “De Standaar” on March 19, 2013