Welcome Dance are Dance of welcome, to express the greeting of welcome and blessing.

Tari Penyambutan

A welcome dance

Pendet Dance (Peliatan Style)

Pendet Peliatan, kind of balinese dance - jenis tari bali

A welcome dance, which is inspired by the sacred dance, Performed during a temple ceremony. In the temple, the women would be carrying holy water or ceremonial… read more >> Pendet Dance (Peliatan)

Pendet Dance (Badung Style)


Tari Pendet

A welcome dance.

Puspa Sari Dance


Puspa Sari

Welcome dance

Puspa Mekar Dance

puspa mekar

Puspa Mekar

Welcome dance

Lambang Sari Dance

lambang sari

Lambang Sari

Welcome dance

Choreographer: Guruh Sukarno Putra

Choreographer: Ir. A. A. Gde Oka Dalem

Penata Karawitan : Composer: I Wayan Darya, Ssn

Name of Dance