please read Oleg Tambulilingan Dance / Oleg Tumlilingan

Oleg Tumlilingan “Oleg” means an action to sway the body, and “Tambulilingan” represents bumblebee. One maiden is flirting from flower to flower in a garden, an… read more >> Oleg Tambulilingan Dance / Oleg Tumlilingan

Gusti Ayu Raka Rasmi, Oleg tamulilingan birthday event

Ibu Raka (Gusti Ayu Raka Rasmi) is a dance maestro of Oleg Tamulilingan, a dancer who danced for the first time the Oleg Tambulilingan (Bumblebee dance), choreo… read more >> Spirit of Raka Rasmi – Oleg Tamulilingan (in her birthday)

kebyar-kebyar gusti raka rasmi with genta bhuana sari

Peliatan is not only famous with its Legong. Its Kebyar is also well-known and has long history. The developments of kebyar style in Peliatan was started with t… read more >> The Power of Kebyar by Genta Bhuana Sari

Mengenang Sang Guru 11

essay Mengenang SANG GURU 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pementasan Hari IV (29 Agustus 2007) Genta Bhuana Sari - Oleg Tamulilingan: Oka Dalem & Gusti Ayu Raka… read more >> Mengenang Sang Guru (11)

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