Name of Dance

This dance is based on the story of two brothers, King Subali and Sugriwa, who were turned into monkeys. At the beginning of the dance the two brothers, represented by the Legong, are living peacefully together.

Legong Jobog Dance

left: mayumi inouye ( m ) and right: Anna Ayu

After some time we see the two as monkeys (this has happened because of acts not show in the dance : Princess Dewi Anjani had brought a powerful magic, and both brothers had wanted it : but her father had thrown it into a river which transforms into a monkeys whoever jumps into it, and both brothers had leapt in after the magic).

Since as monkey they do not know each other, they fight. Finally when neither one wins or loses, they become tired and recognize each as Subali and Sugriwa, see that they have been changed into monkey and become very sad.

For this "Legong Jobog Dance", please read the following explanation.

Legong Jobog Tirta Sari at Br.Kalah
Ngayah, Odalan at Br.Kalah Peliatan-Ubud

Odalan Om Suastiastu, Saturday, April 17…