Group Sang-LAH-SUN
Group Sang-LAH-SUN

This year we formed a small group, Sang-LAH-SUN, on the basis of a same vision of every member in the art. This group has 10 members consisting of 6 musicians, and 4 dancers.

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I WAYAN SANGLAH – gamelan musician who also Bali music instruments maker such as the Rebab, Bali flute, and Rindik. Several instruments used in our group are his works.

I KETUT MADRA – gamelan musician, Bali Mask Dancer, Painter of Bali Traditional Paintings

KADEK FERRY – gamelan musician ( f )

PANDE GANDHA – gamelan musician and composer, who also is an art teacher at a junior high school. He is one of a young Peliatan’s talented artists. One of his works that is still active staged today is the “Mukti”, a new instrumental composition in Gamelan Gong Gede Saih Pitu made for the Bachelor of arts exam on Denpasar Institute of Arts (ISI), staged by Gamelan Group Genta Bhuana Sari .

I MADE PUTRA WIJAYA – gamelan musician, dancer, and choreographer. He is one of the talented young artists from Peliatan. Besides active as gamelan musician, he is also a dancer, and even this year he has completed his dance studies at Denpasar Institute of Arts (ISI), with a dance work which got the best predicate.

PANDE EKA – gamelan musician

MAYUMI INOUYE – dancer, choreographer & costume arranger ( m )

BADUNG – dancer & gamelan musician

WAYAN YANTE – dancer

KADEK FITRI – dancer

The art concept of this group is simple. The instruments use; a pair of Gender Rambat, Kendang, Bali Flute, Rebab, Cengceng, Kadjar, and Gong Pulu. While the choreography is based on some classical Balinese dance movement, developed accordance with the concept of the performance.

The main thing that we could get of this group is that we can gather with our friends – dancers and musicians and together doing art activities through an experimental of Bali classic arts and creations.