There are many kind of Balinese Dances.

Some of these which mostly perform in Bali are:

WALI Dance : Sacred Dances

Jenis Tari Bali (Rejang - Wali) / kind of balinese dance
WALI dance (Balinese Sacred Dances)

Rejang dance Sacred dances, danced at every temple ceremony, ritual dances, dedicated to the god. Mostly perform in the… read more >> WALI dance (Balinese Sacred Dances)

BEBALI Dance : Sacred Dances (Drama)

Bebali (Wayang Wong) - jenis tari bali, kind of balinese dance
BEBALI dance (Balinese Ritual / Sacred Dances)

BEBALI : Sacred Dances (Drama) Topeng dance Bebali Dances Semi ritual dances, its function can be as a ritual dances, or… read more >> BEBALI dance (Balinese Ritual / Sacred Dances)

Balih-Balihan Dances

Jenis tari bali, balih-balihan / kind of balinese balih-balihan dance
BALIH-BALIHAN Dance (Balinese Dances)

Balih-Balihan Dances Dances for entertainment, its function is to entertain the audiences. If in the temple, most of the… read more >> BALIH-BALIHAN Dance (Balinese Dances)

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