Polosseni New Year Performancs 2013-2014 AmaNusa Resort Nusa Dua Bali
Dance and music collaboration by Polosseni Group at Nusa Dua, Bali

On New Year’s Eve Performance 2014, the Polosseni group was becoming an international group in which dancers from USA and Mexico were joined in it. The number of artists who performed were 12, consisted of 8 Balinese artists and 4 foreign artists. The music instruments that used by the group were Piano, Balinese Flutes, Gong, Kajar, Kendang, Balinese Gamelan, and Javanese Gamelan.

Polosseni New Year Performancs 2013-2014 AmaNusa Resort Nusa Dua Bali
kadek ferry ( f ) on Piano

m (mayumi inouye) usually dances with dancers of Balinese dance, but this time for her first time she danced with professional contemporary dancers. They were Bonnie Simoa from the United States and José Navarrete from Mexico.

We met them for the first time on December 20, 2013. For the contemporary dance the Polosseni group has prepared a medley of 3 songs as the dance accompaniment. On the first rehearsal, while listened to the accompaniment the dancers began to choreograph in accordance with the rhythm, their feeling, and their imagination. At the beginning of this rehearsal Mr. Jose Maria a friend who was also present at the rehearsal directed and gave us some ideas of the dance.

Polosseni New Year Performancs 2013-2014 AmaNusa Resort Nusa Dua Bali
First rehearsal

Sure it was hard for m , choreographed contemporary dance movements, although she danced in the accompaniment of modern music, it would tend to be Balinese dance movements. So she could only imitated and followed Bonnie and José. She kept on eye to all of their movements in order to not to hit them when dancing, hahaha. But they all did it very well!

Polosseni New Year Performancs 2013-2014 AmaNusa Resort Nusa Dua Bali
oh, how difficult dancing contemporary dance,,,
Third rehearsal

The schedule of rehearsal was quite limited, in a 7 time scheduled there were only 2 times rehearsed in a complete band and artists. Its all because ahead to the Christmas and New Year many Balinese artists were busy performing with their own group in some places. In addition, in these weeks there were also some ritual activities in Bali and most of them been involved in some performances at the Temples.

Few days before the New Year’s Eve performance, the dancers designed the costumes in their own favorite design/ shape. Because they used the same fabric and motif this made the costumes in a unity. Simple and they fit to each character of dancers.

Polosseni New Year Performancs 2013-2014 AmaNusa Resort Nusa Dua Bali
The costumes

Polosseni New Year Performancs 2013-2014 AmaNusa Resort Nusa Dua Bali
Trying the costume on rehearsal

On the evening performance, Polosseni group performed in two different sessions. The first session was music and dance collaboration, their repertory. In this session two dances were performed. They were Nelayan (fishermen dance) and Semara Ratih Dance (the story Kala Rau) by dancers I Made Djimat and m (mayumi inouye).

At the next session was the performance of Contemporary Dance by Polosseni international group with all their dancers. Bonnie Simoa, José Navarrete, I Made Djimat, and m .

“New Year’s Eve 2014 Performance” was not only performing music collaboration and contemporary dance, some Balinese dances were also performed. Two kinds of a classical Legong dance in the accompaniment of gamelan Semara Pegulingan, JogCak (gamelan Jegog collaborated with Kecak), Baleganjur, Barong Landung, Barong Ket, and Joged Bumbung. This was a long performance, started from 18:00 until 24:30.

The performance was successful. All artists did a great performances.
How a new and wonderful experience!

Polosseni New Year Performancs 2013-2014 AmaNusa Resort Nusa Dua Bali
Happy New Year!

Thank You! Matur Suksma!
Happy New Year 2014!

Bonnie Simoa

Bonnie Simoa

Bonnie Simoa from Bonnie Simoa Dance Company

Bonnie Simoa was born and raised in California. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Dance with emphasis in Choreography and Performance from Mills College in Oakland in 1990, and is a certified Continuum Movement teacher.
In 1990, she formed the Bonnie Simoa Dance Company, with performances throughout California, in Germany and Indonesia.
In 1996, Bonnie began her regular travels to Indonesia where she studied traditional dances of Bali and Indonesia.
Bonnie has taught in colleges, universities and in the community since 1990 and has created over 25 dance works. Bonnie is Lead Dance Faculty at Lane Community College.

Source: http://www.lanecc.edu

José Navarrete

Jose Navarrete

José Navarrete from Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Company

José Navarrete is a native of México City. He studied theater at the National Actors Association’s Institute Soler and dance at the National Institute of Fine Arts in México.
His choreographic work has also received two nominations for the Isadora Duncan award in choreography and performance.
In 2004, he was awarded a Bessie Schönberg Choreographers residency at The Yard and a Djerassi Resident Artist Program fellowship.
He has a B.A. in Anthropology from UC Berkeley, and an MFA in Dance from Mills College.
since 2001 Navarrete choreographs and performs as part of Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Company and also teaches dance to youth in YBCA’s Young Artists at Work program.

Source: http://www.nkdancetheater.com