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Every body say “Om Namah Shivaya (Om Nama Siwa)”

‘Hari Siwa Ratri’ is one of Bali Hindu festival days.
Every year, it is done to “Hari Tilem Kepituh” which is the seventh new moon in the Çaka calendar.
On this evening, meditate and fast
It is said that you will be dawn without sleeping.

For details on why you do not sleep, please search on “Siwa Ratri” “Rubudaka”, because it is written on various sites
I will omitted here.

Because I can stay up late at night
Especially the children spend the whole temple around this temple and this temple overnight.

This year, Siwa Ratri was January 29th.

f and I m are one of the local temples
When I went to pray to Pula Dalem · Gede · Priatan Temple
I happened to do things that changed.

People who seem to be Indian are sitting on the stage
Bali people lying next to me explained to speak in English
Together with the mantra honoring the “Call the name of God”
It was.

In India there is a great festival for the wrinkle divine “Maha Shivaratri”
It is said that he will cast the name of the Shiva god overnight.
(It seems to be different from the seventh new moon of Bali Hindu of the Saka calendar for about a month.)
The paper on which the mantra was written was dealt

Om Namah Shivaya (Om Nama Siwa)

Imitating to cast a mantra while playing Harmonium (Reed Organ) in the stage
Children sitting were singing like “Om Namah Shivaya” with a melody.