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The children are always eager to join almost every art events in Bali, or at least, they never miss the event if only to watch, whatever type of art that is, surely attended by the children, especially in the temple and the village. As well as arts activity in Banjar Kalah, Peliatan. It can be said this is a positive sign that the door of arts and culture preservation is already open.

Sanggar Tari Tunas Maragawi Banjar Kalah Peliatan Ubud Bali

Therefore, and in order to express the children’s interests and talents, m (mayumi inouye) tried to gather them, taught them Balinese dances, especially for girls. At the beginning m started it from a small group(Sri Padma), who were only attended by a couple of kids, and from time to time more and more were joining. And now has reached 33 children.

They were the children of Banjar Kalah Peliatan, who were eager to learn the art of Bali especially Balinese Dances. Here they are educated, and trained from the basic, in a social based, named “Sanggar Tunas MARAGAWI” of Banjar Kalah Peliatan.

Education and training activities run every Sunday morning at Bale Banjar Kalah (community building of Banjar Kalah), Peliatan with the dances:
– Rejang (a sacred dance)
– Legong Lasem Dance
– Puspanjali (a welcome dance)
– Pendet (a welcome dance)
– Cendrawasih Dance
– Cilinaya Dance
– Nelayan Dance
– Oleg Tambulilingan Dance
– Sekar Jagat Dance
– Legong Kuntul Dance
– Legong Jobog Dance
– Legong Kupu-kupu Carum Dance

As a form of actualization, by the support of Kelihan Banjar (community leader) and the community, they are given the opportunity to ngayah (unpaid and non-commercial, fully dedicated to the society and to God) at Banjar’s Temple, and The Kahyangan Tiga Temple of Peliatan. They have been doing several performances, along with Sekaa Gong Gurnita Sari, PKK Gurnita Sekar Sari, and some of the dance and gamelan groups in Peliatan.