Cara buat Sampian Bokor

For people who learns Balinese dance overseas (outside of Bali),
and palm leaves are not available at the venue.
Making “flowers set for the welcome dance”

How do I create a welcoming dance property.


It’s called Bokor.
Bokor is a silver plate that is used of a prayer by Balinese Hinduism at the temples.
But in Bali dance, especially for the welcome dance at the top of Bokor is placed a woven young coconut leaves, called Sampian.
Above the Sampian placed flowers that will be used to sow flowers presented to the audience.

welcome dance flower

If Bokor is difficult to obtain, as a substitute could also use an aluminum plate like that is used when camping.

Use type of flower that is not too heavy, and can float.
Marigold, pandan leaf cut thin, hydrangea, and plumeria are often used in Bali. How to make Sampian Bokor? Please download the pattern from HERE, printed and cut with scissors. Use A4 size young green colored paper. If printed on this paper will look like the original.


The pattern is ideally in diameter 17 to 19 cm. But if size is larger or smaller, can be arranged at the top of the pattern. How to bundle is free, but if in Bali arranged as in the photo above, made in a circle and placed flowers.

In the normal form this is sometimes difficult to handle, for it can be made like a Japanese fan and overlooks to the front (to the audience).

how to make sampian bokor