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Pentas: Traditional Legong & Barong Dance

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Gunung Sari
Traditional Legong & Barong Dance
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Rp.100.000, (data:JUL2019 )
free transport: berangkat sekitar 18:45 dari Informasi Ubud

Program Pentas GUNUNG SARI

1. Kapiraja (Instrumental)
2. Pendet – Welcome Dance)

This performance is a dedicated dance at temples originally. This evening, dancers throw flowers on audiences a mind of the welcome.

3. BARIS – the dance of a young soldier

He expresses passion and quietness.


The male dancer dances in imitation of a woman dressed like a man dancing.
He dances with sitting position gorgeously while playing trompong (a kind of traditional instrument).

5. Legong Lasem – the story of King Lasem

A young girl who put on red clothes appear first. She is a faithful maid of royal famillies named Condong(Finaly she transforms herself into the protection bird of King) She dances like a scene in the dream beutifully alone.
Then two girls appear in green clothes and dance in three girls. The left side is King Lassem, the right side is Princess Rangkesari. The story begins after Condong hands fans to them and leaves. One day, King Lassem met the princess of neighboring country who lost her way in a forest. She was very beautiful, so he proposed to her eagerly. however, she declined it because she had already got engaged to the prince og the own country. The King was not avle to give her up, And he invaded the neighboring country to fight against the prince. Then the guardian bird (which was able to predict King will lose for this war and die) stopped to going fight. However the King killed the guardian bird, and invaded the neighboring country, then he lost in the war.

6. GAMBANG SULING (Instrumental)
7. OLEG TAMBULILINGAN – dance of courtship for bees

The fight of Barong (a holy animal living in the forest) and Rangda (a witch living in sea).
People of Bali believe as follow.
In the world, all balance is kept by there being the existaence of which a bipolar thing facing each other.
For example: God and Devil, Life and Death, Stillness and Motion etc.

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Notice Pentas GUNUNG SARI

The contents of the performance may be changed to the contidion and the circumstances of the performers.

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