A welcome dance, which is inspired by the sacred dance, Performed during a temple ceremony. In the temple, the women would be carrying holy water or ceremonial offerings

In this dance the girls carry flowers. At the end they give prayer or pass flowers to the audience, as an expression of blessing and welcome greeting, thus this is known as “Welcome Dance”.

Tunas Maragawi performance at Hyatt Nusa Dua 2013 Jul 08

Sri Padma - Beautiful Dancers Sri Padma performed in Japan??? This photograph was taken in the waiting room just before they performed at The Grand Hyatt Hotel,… read more >> Pendet Dance at Nusa Dua by Sri Padma

Tunas Maragawi at JU-Janggar Ulam 20150628 Birthday Party

Sri Padma at JU (Janggar Ulam Ubud) Mr. Wira, a friend of invited the dancers of Sanggar Sri Padma to perform on a birthday party of a guest from Russia at JU (… read more >> Sri Padma at JU (Janggar Ulam Restaurant)

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